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Cutting Through in 2022

Cutting Through in 2022

Incoming! Our second WBC event, and first webinar of 2022, will be hosted on Thursday 13th January.

We will be looking at what it takes for you to cut through in 2022 on social media. Get your year off to a good start, learn some new skills or refresh your memory after the Christmas break. Make sure your business gets the attention it deserves online.

There is so much jargon, fake news and adverts that covers social media day in day out, with many left wondering how they will be seen and get noticed. It’s tough with everyone fighting for ‘the same’ attention all the time, but that’s the point, it’s not really ‘the same’ attention that you should be fighting for. 

Our social media workshop will help you to achieve your business goals in 2022. Whether you're looking to raise brand awareness, drive web traffic or grow your sales, our workshop will ensure your social media strategy is in line with your objectives.

Join us on Thursday 13th January to find out how to cut through all the noise, plan, schedule and even analyse your content in order to get your business noticed on social media. 

We will be taking you through each element and explaining the who, what, when, why, wheres and hows of it all. 

  • Audience
  • Research
  • Goals
  • Content
  • Planning
  • Analysing 

Rest assured, you won’t be leaving empty handed. Along with all the awesome information you’ve been armed with we will also inform you of some helpful tools and give you some top takeaway tips to take into battle, battling the world of social media that is. 

But that’s not all, all online attendees will get a FREE content calendar template populated with general dates that you should probably take advantage of in 2022. 

What are you waiting for? Reserve your place today!

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